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Introduction To Reliability by Chet Haibel Cost $400 per person 4 hours

This two-day webinar series strives to bring those with no knowledge of Reliability to a level of qualitative understanding so they can discuss this most important topic at their company.
It is centered around failures! Briefly over-viewing failure mechanisms and some common failure modes, it broadly categorizes failures based on their time of occurrence and persistence. Strength versus load diagrams and the bathtub curve are introduced as convenient pictures of the various failure behaviors.
Wear-out failure modes are presented as resulting from some process (wear, corrosion, etc.) consuming a reservoir of material. Three everyday examples are discussed to illustrate reservoirs and consuming processes. Then the wear-out testing process is examined with special attention to potential issues in accelerating wear-out tests.
Random-in-time failure modes give no warning, but are avoided by attention to design margin. Overlap of strength and load distributions is shown to predict failure probability using Monte Carlo simulations. Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) is presented as the best method to sift through hundreds or even thousands of component applications to discover marginal strength versus load situations.
Manufacturing screening is the way to prevent out-of-box and early-life failures from reaching customers. Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS), which was originally called Enhanced ESS, is featured as the ultimate method, but caution must be taken to preserve the useful life of good components. Safety of Screen is the way to ensure this.
The webinar finishes by contrasting HALT and HASS to avoid confusion, and recaps the methods of discovering, correcting, and preventing failure modes.
Chet Haibel is an experienced leader in New Product Development, Reliability, Risk Management, and Quality. He has 29 years of reliability experience, including disk drives and a variety of medical devices. Chet holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees from Cornell University and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Chet is a senior member of the American Society for Quality and is certified by ASQ as a Reliability Engineer, Quality Engineer, Software Quality Engineer, Quality Auditor, Biomedical Auditor, and Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence.