Wes Fulton MSME

Wes Fulton MSME


He is the founder and CEO of Fulton Findings LLC, and the author of SuperSMITH(R) software, the leading Weibull Engineering program. The latest release of this software is touch-screen capable designed to work with Windows 10 but also to be backward compatible with other recent Windows versions. SuperSMITH is the only software fully compatible with the global Weibull specification IEC-61649 and 100% compatible with the world standard Weibull handbook by Dr. Robert B. Abernethy (Dr. Bob). Most material for this Weibull plotting class was originally developed by Dr. Bob, who was the head of supportability with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines for decades. Dr. Bob’s Weibull handbook is the seminar reference. Another publication provided with this session is the software tutorial booklet, “PlayTIME(R) with SuperSMITH DEMO”.

Wes released the first widely-used Weibull plotting software in 1987. He has presented PRIVATE Weibull Workshops for the U.S. military, the FAA, the DOT, NASA, JPL, and over a hundred companies around the world. He has presented PUBLIC Weibull Workshops for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), for the University of Tennessee, for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), for the American Society for Quality (ASQ), for the Reliability Information and Analysis Center (RiAC), and for Quanterion.

He has over 16 years of experience as program engineer in the aerospace and nuclear industries focused on design, testing, fabrication, and customer service. Working at AiResearch Manufacturing Company, Wes was the responsible engineer for such programs as the F-16 fighter leading edge flap drive system, the IDF Taiwanese fighter leading edge flap drive system, the experimental X-31A leading edge flap drive system, and the 747 ride comfort control. While at AiResearch, he co-patented a multi-fusible shaft high-performance drive-train device.

Los Angeles, California