Aldo Fucinari

Aldo Fucinari

Instructor/Consultant – HALT & HASS + Workshop, Mastering HALT & HASS

Aldo Fucinari has over 42 years' experience in design validation testing, electrical engineering and environmental testing. He holds a BSCE degree in Computer Engineering and is an ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer. He has worked in various fields of engineering including reliability, verification and validation, process control, quality assurance, systems engineering, hardware, software QA and product development. He is currently a Principal Reliability Engineer with the reliability engineering team at Alcon Surgical R&D in Lake Forest California. He has previously been senior consultant for environmental testing consultants where he worked with dozens of world class companies to implement design for reliability programs. The companies he worked with included bio-medical, computer, audio, aerospace, consumer electronics and automotive products.

At Seagate Aldo was part of the initial deployment of Seagate's Design for Six Sigma program where he received certification as a Master Black Belt in DFSS and a Black Belt in Six Sigma process and transactional process. He was an instructor in Six Sigma, Design for Manufacturability and Lean Engineering.

Aldo has long-term experience with suppliers and manufacturers that are equipped to do full HASS and HASA testing. He worked extensively with Dr. Gregg Hobbs to implement high volume HASS testing and HALT testing systems globally and has been a senior consultant and instructor for Hobbs Engineering for over 10 years. He is a senior member of ASQ and a member of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange.

Laguna Hills, California