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Private Seminar: Two Day Mastering HALT & HASS Seminar by Aldo Fucinari

February 10 @ 9:00 am - February 11 @ 6:00 pm

Private In-House Mastering HALT & HASS Two-Day Seminar  Instructor:  Aldo Fucinari 

Please note this seminar can also be presented at your facility!
Capitalize on an excellent opportunity to bring expert training directly to your team, maximizing logistics and minimizing travel cost.  Our highly trained instructor can deliver our world renown HALT & HASS seminar right in the comfort and convenience of your own facility.  Learn more and book your opportunity today!  Please contact us for more details.

Seminar Objective: This two-day seminar gives valuable insight into saving your company millions of dollars in lost opportunity by prevention of latent product defects. You will get to market faster and delight your customers by producing consistent high quality products. Participants will obtain a deeper understanding of what the HALT and HASS methods do for process and product maturity in an organization and will enable better integration of these methods into the design and manufacturing processes respectively. The instructor invites high level management as well as engineers to attend.

Aldo Fucinari has over 35 years’ experience in design validation testing, electrical engineering and environmental testing and holds a BSCE degree in Computer Engineering. Aldo is the chief consultant for RapidDiscoverySystems.com and is partnered with Hobbs Engineering and Qualmark to provide end to end HALT, HASS and specialized environmental testing solutions.  Now as an independent reliability engineering consultant he is involved with world-class companies in medical, computer, defense and automotive products. 



  • Summary & Management Overview, Origin of the methods and how they developed through the years.

Stress Strength

  • Load-Strength relationships and how they relate to latent epidemic field failures.
  • How HALT & HASS relate to Weibull analysis and the bathtub curve of reliability. Prevention of Early Life, Useful Life and Wear out failures.
  • Cycle fatigue testing. S/N curves, cycle testing fixtures, acceleration of failure and time compression.
  • Understanding operational environmental specifications and design margin. How much is enough?

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

  • HALT testing – Finding ALL failures
  • The Classic HALT method Step by Step
  • Component parts variation, Temperature, Voltage, Vibration effects. Simple parts changes that save millions.
  • What the operational and destruct limits look like on a chart. How to use these for stress screening profiles.
  • Where to stop improving the product in a logical, cost effective way.
  • Electronic dynamic reactions during HALT and what to measure. Rapid detection of firmware issues.
  • Leveraging HALT for cost reduction. The myth that stronger is more Expensive.

6 Degree of Freedom Vibration

  • Single sine, single axis, six degree of freedom
  • Combined rapid thermal and vibration effects and analysis.

Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS)

  • Variables in supply chain and manufacturing processes. Why your suppliers should be using HALT and HASS.
  • Establishing test profiles. Depth of Screen and Safety of screen.
  • Proof of HASS, statistical approach by product type.
  • How to test multiple part fixtures. How to apply and measure uniform forces during HASS.
  • Real world HASS examples. HASS applied to large and small volume production.
  • Equipment, LN2 delivery. HASS optimization methods. Saving consumables.
  • Why are customers demanding HASS as a requirement? Convincing customers to move away from obsolete ESS and burn in screening.

Cost $12,000 for up to ten people, $700 per person over ten. To register or for more information about this course, please contact Sharon Cary learn@hobbsengr.com at Hobbs Engineering, A Division of ESPEC North America, Inc.   303-655-3051

Please note that all of our seminars can be presented live at your facility.  This is beneficial if you want to train a group but don’t want to spend the money on travel.  Pricing for these In-House seminars is based on the course and the number of attendees.  Please contact us for more information.  See attached brochure. 


2019 Brochure Hobbs Engineering a Division of ESPEC North America


February 10 @ 9:00 am
February 11 @ 6:00 pm
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