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Focusing on HALT Vibration and Fixtures by Aldo Fucinari

2 hours $200 per person Group discounts available!

This webinar will explain why ED shaker results for your product alone are fine but HALT vibration will reveal more latent defects. There are really no viable transfer functions between the two.

Many people have attended the Hobbs Engineering HALT and HASS seminars in the past. This two hour webinar, which costs $200 will reveal the most frequently misunderstood issues that are raised in the seminars regarding HALT Vibration and Fixtures.  The instructor will share his years of experience to help you understand how to design a robust fixture that will transfer sufficient energy to the device under test. This is a chance to ask our expert any questions that you might have about fixture design.

This 2-hour course covers:

  • Understanding differences in HALT Vibration, How it Works and How to Measure and WORK WITH IT.
    • Repetitive Shock and Vibration – a detailed introduction into how it is different from ED shaker random vibration. Differences in table vibe explained.
    • Measurement Techniques – How to use accelerometers to measure product vibe. How to test materials in a static environment (nonoperational).
    • Fixture Design and Set Up – Real world examples of solutions. How and why HALT fixtures need to be approached differently from ED shaker fixtures!!
    • HASS FIXTURES and Safety of Screen Examples – Two real world examples will be discussed that cover most applications for high volume and low volume HASS applications.

About your Instructor:
Aldo Fucinari has 39 years’ experience in design validation testing, electrical engineering and environmental testing and holds a BSCE degree in Computer Engineering. He has worked in various fields of engineering including reliability, verification and validation, process control, quality assurance, systems engineering, hardware, software and product development. He is currently senior consultant for environmental testing consultants and is partnered with Hobbs Engineering and Quality Testing Services to provide end to end HALT, HASS and specialized environmental testing solutions.  Now as an independent environmental reliability-testing consultant, he is involved with world-class companies in bio-medical, computer, consumer and automotive products. Currently he is doing reliability-engineering related work with ophthalmic measurement and surgical devices.

At Seagate Aldo was part of the initial deployment of Seagate’s Design for Six Sigma program where he received certification as a Master Black Belt in DFSS and a Black Belt in Six Sigma process and transactional process.

Aldo has long-term experience with suppliers that are equipped to do full HASS and HASA testing. He is also a leading adopter of lean product development methods and design for manufacturability. He is a senior member of ASQ and a member of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange.

Cost $200 per person, if you have five or more the cost is $180 per person.

To purchase this webinar recording link, please contact us with the link above or call 303 655 3051 or email [email protected]