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Using HALT Limit Comparisons for Improving Operational Reliability by Kirk Gray  Cost $200 per person 2 hours

Reliability engineering historically has been focused on component wear-out or “absolute life” where a component or subsystem catastrophically fails. Operational reliability, that is, failures of operation that can be recovered from by power cycling may not have been typically a part of HALT.  Even though HALT  has been used by many companies to insure that their designs are robust and reliable, many of the same companies may have significant levels of warranty returns that when tested have no apparent problems. Many of these apparent failures can be due to lot-to-lot marginal signal integrity or variations in signal timing and propagation. This can lead to costly churn of apparently good parts replacing good parts.

This webinar provides a basic review of the misdirection of traditional reliability theories and approaches.  It will cover the difference in the HALT approach and present some new combinations of stress HALT for evaluations of operational or functional limits to make component and sub-system selection during design plus insure margins during HASS. This all leads to the rapid discovery of intermittent or marginal signal integrity and timings particularly in digital circuits.  We show how the use of thermal stresses and limit comparisons result in more tolerance of lot-to-lot and second source parametrics variations during design and later to use for HASS during production.

Kirk Gray began working with Dr. Gregg Hobbs in StorageTek Corporation in 1989 and has 20 years of teaching and using HALT.  He has over 32 years in the electronics manufacturing industry, the last 7 as a Senior Reliability Validation Engineer at Dell, where he created and implemented the HALT to HASA development process on Power Supply Units (PSU) that became a standard for all Dell PSU Suppliers and was recognized for being the highest ROI (Return on Investment) for the company.  Kirk has presented papers at numerous conferences and authored articles for leading industry magazines. He holds a BSEE, University of Texas.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.