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The Quickest Way to Reliability is to HALT and Go FISHing by Howard Cooper Cost $300 per person Group Discounts available. 3 hours

Course Description:
Why Important: Improving product and systems reliability up to 800% is usually the quickest way to improve profits, improve your product/system reputation and therefore improve sales and profitability. Yet, when asked, “How do I do that”? Most reliability experts would answer by reciting reliability formulas, acronyms, or reliability assessment methods like; “R-Prediction”, “R-Targets”, DfR, FMEA, DFMEA, CALCE, PoF, Monte Carlo Simulation, Poisson Distributions, “Stress-Strength Curves”, “Design Safety Margins”, R-Verification, “Validation Testing”, FMECA or FRACAS. These all have their place, but learn it all and what do you get? Maybe your CRE Certification? Most experts, using these tools and methods, get no more than maybe 20-50% reliability growth in their product or system. But, in this 3-hour online Webinar attendees will be shown how to get up to 800% reliability growth, on most projects and systems: Just HALT and Go FISHing.

In this Webinar, these two methods, HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Tests) and FISH (Functional Interface Stress Hardening) complement each other. In this Webinar we explain and compare these two methods. HALT detects the weak spots. FISH innovatively shows where and how to mitigate the weak spots, so they won’t malfunction, nor fail again. Important details and intentions of the method founders will be discussed. “Why” often alters the “What” and “How”, to achieve reliability and wide market success. Application ‘success examples’ will also be shown. The seven (7) key root cause stresses causing malfunction and failure will be laid out. And Prioritizing: How to rapidly identify “where” within a newly designed systems, to apply HALT, HASS and FISH, even if there is no prior reliability data. Also, how and when to bypass time consuming FMEA and R-Prediction work, all together.

In this new world of 2023 (the new normal), where we are resigned to limited resources, limited experienced maintenance and repair services, reliability of products, equipment and automated systems is key to increased uptime and productivity. A good reliability specialist can enjoy job security and become a top contributor to company success. For this, companies give higher pay, annual bonuses, stock options, etc, as we become major contributors and change agents for reliability and product improvement.

If you are looking for ways to improve reliability, rather than just measure it, track it and report it.
If you are looking to improve reliability growth and become a valued asset to your organization. Or,
If you just want to slow down, “work smarter – not harder” then join us and see how others simply HALT and Go FISHing.

About your Instructor:
Howard Cooper spent the biggest part of his career in DfR reliability, using HALT and improving FRACAS reliability, by FISHing. He helped over 50 of the Fortune 500tm companies, guiding them to quickly eliminate 80-92% of their unscheduled equipment downtime. Increasing reliability by 800% and saving them an aggregate $458 million in reduced maintenance costs, decreased cost of goods sold and increased productivity.  He later became a 6-Sigma Blackbelt doing DfR, DFMEA and HALT/HASS on products and systems going to one of the largest Defense Industry U.S. Contractors. He developed a method to do FMEA 3X faster, without missing any critical failure modes (another webinar he now teaches for Hobbs). This led to his becoming a TRIZ Associate and Innovation Coach, helping 28 different engineering teams overcome design constraints, safety and reliability problems and get their projects accepted and their systems adopted by the defense contractor, saving them a calculated $233 million/year, over the legacy systems they had been using.

Mr. Cooper has been speaker at annual conventions for: RAMS, NDIA, GVSETS, IMTBA, ASHE, ULPA, LPI, SME and INCOSE, presenting various papers on these very topics.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051 or email [email protected]