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The Essentials of Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation by David Auda   Cost $200 per person, Group discounts available!

Course Description:

Risk analysis can be part of the preventive efforts in development as well as part of the process that is activated once an unanticipated failure has occurred, referred to as Risk Mitigation. On the preventive side it may include things like Preliminary Hazards Analysis, Risk Assessment, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, etc. It may also include things like Designed Experiments, Accelerated Life Testing and/or Highly Accelerated Life Testing when new technologies, new materials and/or new applications are explored. On the reactive side of risk, when a failure has already presented itself, the effort would include Root Cause Analysis along with some of the aforementioned testing approaches to confirm solutions. All of the above mentioned tools should be evidence based, and as such, require guidance on decision making given the available evidence. The supporting data of a failure may be very limited in some cases and reliance could depend on testimony and/or beliefs. This webinar will serve those practitioners that are tasked with deciding on what tool is appropriate, what level of competence is required, and what types of evidence are acceptable. With systems complexity outpacing the ability of traditional risk investigation tools to deliver robust results, some discussion of ‘next steps’ will be included, time permitting.

About your instructor: David Auda is a senior safety/reliability engineer who has over 40 years of interdisciplinary experience in a variety of industries, including but not limited to, aerospace, sensitized goods manufacture, instrument development, energy, medical devices, automotive and heavy equipment. David is an ASQ certified Reliability engineer and Quality Manager, an honors graduate of RIT with an undergraduate BSEE degree and masters level study in Applied Statistics and Reliability. David is an ASQ validated trainer and volunteer leader, a past chair of the ASQ Reliability Division.

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