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Reliability and Risk Management through the Product Development Cycle by Chet Haibel  Cost $150 per person 1.5 hours

This 1½ hr webinar starts by illustrating a generic New Product Development Life Cycle with four phases before release of product to customers.  Enough detail is shown to hint at best practices, but descriptions are at a high-enough level to be general so as to apply to individual cases.
Next Fault Tree Synthesis is shown.  This is a technique to “architect” the product at the earliest time to avoid expensive and “design-jerking” Risk Control Measures later.  The discussion of how to avoid expensive Risk Control Measures continues by showing how Risk Management can guide the design effort and be painlessly incorporated into Verification and Validation.
The start of a project when inputs are gathered is amplified to illustrate how to avoid large changes downstream in the project.  Setting specifications to minimize the time and cost of Verification testing is featured and the sample size for Attribute data allowing finite failures is shown.  The advantages of Variable data compared to Attribute data is demonstrated.

Finally, the aggressive way to accomplish reliability testing, which is much more effective and saves project time and prototype quantities is recommended.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.