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Microelectronic Packaging Issues and Failure Analysis by Thomas Green Cost $300  per person 3 hours

The design and packaging of microelectronic devices such as hybrids, RF and microwave modules, Class III medical implants, and other types of packaged microcircuits intended for high reliability systems is a critical aspect of reliability engineering.  This webinar is intended to review and highlight the typical kinds of microelectronic packaging related failures that occur during manufacturing, qualification, and unfortunately in the field, and present the Failure Analysis (FA) tools and techniques that are utilized to understand root cause and guide corrective actions.

The instructor shares his years of experience directing microelectronic packaging related root cause FA investigations.  Mismatched CTEs and poorly designed package geometries often lead to mechanical failure at the die and substrate interface or cracking at the heel of a wire or ribbon bond interconnect.  Careful de-lid, visual inspection followed by SEM and EDAX/Auger are required to identify root cause.  Reliability engineers must be cognizant of the full range of FA tools available to diagnose failures and, resist the temptation to rush to judgment, which often happens destroying valuable evidence along the way.  The instructor will review real world specific examples of packaging failures and resultant FA analysis and problem resolution.

This intermediate course is intended for reliability engineers, design, quality, and process engineers plus responsible mid-level managers.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.