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Introduction to Reliability Management  by Fred Schenkelberg – $200 per person 2 hrs  

The purpose of this 2-hour webinar is to introduce an outline to guide the management of an effective reliability or maintainability program. Reliability, maintainability, availability, or the ‘ilities’ are common in our language with reference to products, services, equipment, and people. Joe is regularly available for the meeting; We can count on (depend or rely) Sara to finish the report on time; My car starts every morning without fail; and many more. What is meant by these concepts and specifically how do we manage achieving and sustaining business objectives related to these ‘ility’ concepts? Another purpose of this webinar is to provide an introduction to key concepts and approaches commonly used for reliability and maintainability management.

With some common sense, an appreciation of the goals, understanding of expected and past failures, and the proper application of reliability engineering tools, you can manage to improve profitability, increase throughput, or enhance a brand image. With a sound design, robust supply chain, consistent manufacturing, and adequate maintenance nearly any product or complex system can meet or exceed their reliability or maintainability goals.

Topics Covered:

Specifications – What makes a good reliability specification and how to craft a clear objective.

Apportionment – How to breakdown the goal to elements and suppliers of key elements of your product.

Feedback Mechanisms – Basic to any quality or reliability program is the feedback to decision makers. How to shorten the reliability feedback loop and enable decisions that improve product reliability. 

Value – How to measure value of any reliability engineering task. Let’s choose to only add value and let’s talk about being valuable. 

Fred Schenkelberg is a reliability engineering and management consultant with FMS Reliability, with areas of focus including reliability, engineering management, training and accelerated life testing. He is able to bring the experience of over 100 design and maintenance programs to your team. He is spearheading the No MTBF movement and encourages your participation. Previously, he co-founded and built the HP corporate reliability program documenting over $100 million in savings. He is a lecturer with the University of Maryland teaching a graduate level course on reliability engineering management. He earned a Master of Science degree in Statistics at Stanford University in 1996. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the United State Military Academy in 1983. Fred is an active volunteer with a few reliability focused professional organization and most proud of the ASQ Reliability Division Webinar program and the reliability calendar programs. He is a CRE and CQE.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.