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Intermediate Reliability Statistics by Chet Haibel Cost $300 per person 3 hours  

Intermediate Reliability Statistics has a three-hour prerequisite webinar, Basic Reliability Statistics, which is available to watch on-line.
This Intermediate webinar briefly reviews the four functions in Reliability but then transitions from the Constant Hazard Rate to the general case covering the entire bathtub curve.  Wear-Out failure modes are seen as time-varying Strength distributions, Fatigue Damage is presented, and three everyday Wear-Out examples are given to illustrate.  Normal, Weibull, and Log-Normal are presented as the three most useful models for Wear-Out failure modes.   Several class examples are worked designing minimal testing to discover Wear-Out failure modes, and to demonstrate they are sufficiently late-appearing.
Accelerated testing for Wear-Out failure modes is presented using Power Series, Inverse Power Series, Arrhenius, Reich-Hakim, and Arrhenius-Peck equations to relate life to stress.  Strategies for constructing economical, self-calibrating, accelerated tests are presented and illustrated by examples.  Reliability prediction techniques shown in the Basic webinar are extended to cover all three regions of the Bathtub Curve as are methods of combining Reliability elements in series and parallel for non-constant hazard rates (non-Exponential distributions).

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.