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Improving the Problem Solving Process by David Auda  Cost: $100 per person 1 hour  

Problem solving, causal analysis and decision governance……. Improving their mission effectiveness is very important. The recent white paper released by Deloitte on behalf of the AIAG, identified the 10 top issues that organizations face across the global landscape. Problem Solving ineffectiveness shows up at the top of the list. The Quality 2020 report which was focused on the current state of Quality and strategic paths forward, identified a key finding that capability maturity of Problem Solving needed to be improved. This 1-hour webinar, which costs $100, will take a unique approach in addressing this issue and prescribing corrective actions. This material covers the organizational challenge as well as the tools and the people using the tools.

Who should attend: Executives, directors, managers, leaders, master black belts, decision makers, change agents, etc.

David Auda is a senior Reliability engineer working in the commercial vehicle domain. David has experience in automotive, energy, aerospace, medical devices, instrument development, nonprofits and has worked across the disciplines supporting new product development, manufacturing, management and leadership. David is a validated ASQ trainer and is a recurrent presenter at international conferences and symposia.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.