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How To Conduct a Reliability Program Assessment by Fred Schenkelberg   $200 per person, Group discounts available!  2 hours

Every product achieves the reliability designed and built into the product. The decisions made along the way shape the eventual product reliability performance. Understanding how an organization actually works to create the resulting reliability provides a means to identify ways to improve the program. The reliability program assessment is not an audit. There are not right or wrong answers. The aim of the assessment is to understand what shapes the decisions across the entire product lifecycle. Let’s talk about two ways you can quickly perform an assessment. How to ask question to get to the heart of the culture surrounding reliability thinking. Plus, how to organize, conduct, and analyze the collected data. You will walk away with a step by step process to conduct your own assessments, plus how to best identify the areas for improvement. You’ll also receive a copy of the ebook Reliabilty Maturity. Bring your questions and as time permits we will even live practice asking questions to maximize what you learn during the assessment interviews. A proper reliability program assessment helps you prioritize reliability program improvement resulting in consistent creation of durable and robust product that meet your customer’s exceptions.

Fred Schenkelberg is a reliability engineering and management consultant with FMS Reliability, with areas of focus including reliability, engineering management, training and accelerated life testing. He is able to bring the experience of over 100 design and maintenance programs to your team. He is spearheading the No MTBF movement and encourages your participation. Previously, he co-founded and built the HP corporate reliability program documenting over $100 million in savings. He is a lecturer with the University of Maryland teaching a graduate level course on reliability engineering management. He earned a Master of Science degree in Statistics at Stanford University in 1996. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the United State Military Academy in 1983. Fred is an active volunteer with a few reliability focused professional organizations and most proud of the ASQ Reliability Division Webinar program and the reliability calendar programs. He is a CRE and CQE.

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