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HALT, You Love It, But Are You Getting the Most You Can from It?  by Adam Bahret

$100 per person, group discounts available

This one hour webinar will cover how to maximize the benefits of HALT in a product development program. HALT can be optimized in three categories.  The first is how we induce failures.  There are many creative ways to apply stress and set up metrology to ensure you get the most information on how the design does and doesn’t work. The second is using HALT at the optimum times in a program. Did you know you can do HALT even before your first prototype exists?  In addition, most engineering teams don’t suggest HALT be repeated in the manufacturing prototype stage.  It’s believed to be of little value because the design is locked in.  This isn’t true; it can produce information that can greatly optimize your manufacturing inspection process.  The third is how HALT is presented to leadership and the organization. Helping them understand how it works to improve product performance in all phases of the bathtub curve can greatly advance how well it is funded and how much of the program timeline can be dedicated to using it multiple times.


Adam Bahret is the founder of Apex Ridge Consulting and a leading reliability expert who writes, speaks and coaches executive teams on reliability as a competitive edge. His reliability-culture change program has delivered millions in savings for clients while mitigating risk and forming a foundation for reliability-fueled growth and brand dominance. His client’s range across multiple industry segments, including medical devices, robotics, semiconductor, aerospace, consumer, and automotive.

Adam works with technical teams to improve the design while mentoring leadership teams in adopting the processes, language, and behaviors to build a reliability culture. He also introduces key reliability metrics such as “time-to-reliability” that guide organizational thinking and build a robust reliability culture that’s the hallmark of dominant top-performing technology companies.

Adam is the author of four books on reliability engineering, The Perfect HALT Test, Improving Your Product’s Robustness (2024), Devastate The Competition, How To Take Market Share Through Robust Design (2023), Reliability Culture, How Leaders Build Organizations that Create Reliable Products (2021), and How Reliable is Your Product, 50 Ways to Improve Product Reliability (2nd Ed 2016).

Adam has deep technical expertise and over 25 years of experience in product development and reliability engineering. He has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, is an ASQ nationally certified reliability engineer, and an international speaker on technology, leadership, and product development.

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