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HALT vs Electro-Dynamic vs Hydraulic Vibration Testing by John Lenss Cost $200 per person, Group discounts available! 2 hours

This two hour webinar will look at various types of vibration tests, providing a comparison of the main types of tests, as well as some recommendations. Electro-Dynamic vs Hydraulic vs Highly Accelerated Life Testing vs Repetitive Shock testing. Which is the best test type of testing to run on a product, depends on what you need to know about the product? There is not a one test fits all when it comes to understanding how products behave in an environment where vibration may be present. This is very important because EVERY product made today, is subjected to some amount of vibration at some point in its lifetime. We will provide you with questions that you can ask to determine if you test protocol is effective, compared to other tests that you could/should be running. We will look at which type of vibration is best for troubleshooting, production, or development work. After this webinar you will be better equipped to have intelligent discussions about why you are performing a particular test versus another test. This should lead to designing and building more reliable/robust products that will not break in the customer’s hands, at least not during the warranty phase, which will mean more profits for your company.

About the instructor: John Lenss has worked with developing new products since 1985. Very early on in his career he was tasked with making sure the products he worked with were highly reliable. John has worked in many different industries from defense to medical devices; from power supplies, to digital signal processing. Mainly working on the microelectronics and software sides of the product, in a reliability/quality function.

John holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and a Master’s Degree in Counseling.  He is a Senior Member of American Society for Quality.

John has taught courses on many different topics including, DMAIC, Fault Tree Analysis, process capability, HALT, HASS, HASA, FMEA, and FMECA to name a few. John has written test plans at the unit test and system test levels. He has written quality and reliability plans and developed systems to measure the effectiveness of product modifications in the field to monitor both quality and reliability. He is the author of numerous articles for publication and has written over 90 test plans plus he has spoken at dozens of national and international conferences.

To purchase this webinar recording link contact us with the link above, call 303 655 3051 or email at [email protected]