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HALT and HASS Design Margin Testing by Aldo Fucinari
Understanding Product Operational Environmental Specifications and Robust Design Using HALT

$200  per person, group discounts available. 2 hours

Course Description: This two-hour webinar will be a detailed discussion on how to determine stress level comfort zones during HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Tests) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) testing. The webinar will go into depth to discuss different product types and what constitutes “Robust Design” for each. The instructor will cover numerous real-world examples of margins testing on various products.

The most difficult aspect of all environmental testing is how to relate the stress levels that are applied during the test to what they buy in long-term manufacturability and field reliability. This is a central topic that comes up time and time again during the Hobbs HALT & HASS and Reliability seminars.

A statistical approach will help the student to understand the terms “Frequency of Failure”, “Annual Failure Rate” and “Random Failures in Time.”

Robust product design is a progressive design methodology that is verified by HALT. Variations in supplier parts and manufacturing processes are screened and verified using HASS techniques. The instructor will go over proven and real-world examples of successful applications of statistical sampling utilizing the HASS method.

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