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Finding Value with Reliability Engineering by Fred Schenkelberg  Cost $200 per person, group discounts available! 2 hours

A desirable outcome from our professional endeavors is to add value, to be valuable. To make a difference. To improve the world in some manner.

When designing a product or maintaining assets, we employ a range of reliability engineering tools. Not all are as useful as others for each specific situation. Selecting the right tools that add the most value is a learned skill. Let’s discuss how to estimate the value of a reliability task before and after accomplishing the task. Let’s discuss the importance of estimating value. Being able to clearly state the value of a reliability task helps you gain acceptance of proposed tasks and receive the recognition of achievements.

Another way to consider value is personal. How is our career providing the rewards we value? How ever you find value with your work, your ability to influence others is central. We rarely work alone and being able to persuade and guide a team is essential to our ability to create value. Let’s discuss how you can improve your ability to influence. Data, facts, and analysis are only the start; at some point we will have to present a recommendation. Our ability to work with others to guide a course of action relies on our ability to persuade.

Our work in engineering allows us to create value for our customers and organization thru crafting reliable products and systems. Our work also may provide value to ourselves and career largely based on our ability to persuade. This webinar explore both the technical and soft side of creating value with reliability engineering.

Topics Covered:

  • How does value arise from reliability activities?
  • Estimating the potential value of a proposed task
  • Calculating the value of an accomplished reliability activity
  • Improving your ability to create value for your organization and your career
  • How your ability to influence others improves the value your provide

Fred Schenkelberg is a reliability engineering and management consultant with FMS Reliability, with areas of focus including reliability, engineering management, training and accelerated life testing. He is able to bring the experience of over 100 design and maintenance programs to your team.  He is spearheading the No MTBF movement and encourages your participation.

Fred founded the reliability engineering professional development site Accendo Reliability. Where there are many voices providing tutorials, articles, podcasts, webinars, and courses for your professional development pursuits. Check out  and become a member today.

Previously, he co-founded and built the HP corporate reliability program documenting over $100 million in savings. He is a lecturer with the University of Maryland teaching a graduate level course on reliability engineering management.  He earned a Master of Science degree in Statistics at Stanford University in 1996.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics at the United State Military Academy in 1983.  Fred is an active volunteer with a few reliability focused professional organization and most proud of the ASQ Reliability Division Webinar program and the reliability calendar programs. He is a CRE and CQE.

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