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Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment Overview by Steven Carlson Cost $300 per person 3 hours

Don’t wait until your electronic equipment over-heats or fails because of poor cooling. Find out if your present systems are adequately cooled, how to avoid many common cooling problems and how to design efficient, reliable cooling systems for many different types of electronic cabinets.  The purpose of this 3-hr webinar is to show designers and engineers an overview of the quick methods for designing electronic equipment to withstand severe thermal environments without failing. Techniques are presented which will permit the evaluation and design of cost effective, compact cooling systems, without the aid of a large digital computer.

Learn simple design rules, and guidelines, which can improve the effective cooling of your sophisticated electronic components used in today’s military, industrial and commercial electronic systems.  Learn methods for determining thermal stresses in lead wires and solder joints due to a mismatch in thermal expansions.

This course is based upon the popular book Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment by Mr. Dave Steinberg.  Questions are encouraged during the webinar, to make sure each participant understands the design techniques and applications presented.

Steve Carlson is a Mechanical Engineer Analyst at Northrop Grumman Navigation Systems Division in Woodland Hills, CA.  He received his BSME at Arizona State University and MSME at California State University Northridge and has expanded the classical techniques developed by Mr. Dave Steinberg to include Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis to reduce analysis time, improve accuracy, and decrease product development time.  He has worked on the mechanical design, analysis, testing and packaging of cost effective sophisticated electronic equipment that must work with a high degree of reliability in harsh thermal, thermal cycling, vibration and shock environments. He has been involved in these areas related to commercial, industrial and military applications for many years.

Who should attend:  R & D Electronic Engineers & Mgrs, Packaging Engineers, Quality & Reliability Engineers, Test Engineers, Mfg Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Application & Sales Engineers.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.