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Back to Basics: What, Why, When and How to Apply HALT & HASS by Kirk Gray – $200 per person – 2 hrs

Reliability engineering historically has been focused on statistical and probabilistic models, which may not have a valid traceability to physical failure mechanisms. HALT on the other hand is a pragmatic empirical discovery process focused on finding stress limits, the causes of those limits and improving those limits. Despite the use of the word “Life Test” HALT is not for measuring life. Electronic systems in general have more life than is necessary and technologically obsolescence will come before wear out. This two hour webinar is intended to provide both a basic overview of the theory and practice of HALT and HASS methods along with a case study of HALT to HASS that created a 90% reduction of warranty returns compared with traditional burn-in methods being used previously. It is intended as a review or introduction to the basics of HALT and HASS methodology along with some new advanced uses of HALT and HASS for stimulating detection of firmware/software operational reliability issues and use in Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) techniques. Kirk Gray began working with Dr. Gregg Hobbs in StorageTek Corporation back in 1989 and has over 21 years of teaching and successfully using HALT.  He has over 32 years in the electronics manufacturing industry.  From 2003 to 2010 he was a Senior Reliability Engineer at Dell, Inc. where he created, wrote and implemented the HALT to HASA development process on Power Supply Units (PSU) that became a standard for all Dell PSU Suppliers and was recognized for being the highest ROI (Return on Investment) for the company. He is a Senior Collaborator with the University of Maryland CALCE Consortium. He has presented papers at numerous conferences.  Kirk has a BS degree in EE from the University of Texas.

To purchase this webinar contact with link above or call 303 655 3051.