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AIAG VDA 7-Steps – Complete Your FMEA 3X Faster Without Missing Any Critical Failure Modes by Howard Cooper $300 7/27/2022

Course Description: This new powerful AIAG VDA FMEA preparation method was first presented at RAMS and at NDIA’s GVSETS international symposiums, in a short 30-minute format. It was a for-runner to AIAG VDA FMEA and is compliant and capable for application in Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Medical and Commercial systems integration and product development.

Now, all the important details are offered in a 3-hour live, interactive session to help attendees complete their FMEAs in 1/3rd the time.

This FH-Decomp Method played a large part in helping 26 different system development teams mitigate critical failure modes, safety hazards and make innovative system improvements. All 26 improved systems were then  adopted and deployed by customers, rather than leaving these 26 systems vulnerable to the 80/20 Rule of product development failures. According to the 80/20 Rule, only 5 of these 26 products should have been adopted.

Attendees will also see how this AIAG VDA 7-Steps FMEA preparation method can be applied when doing; PFMEA, DFMEA, SWFMEA, MFMEA, or FMECA, with an Excel template and workbook (provided at no additional cost with your paid registration) or you can use your own FMEA software package.

This course is for experienced FMEA facilitators and for engineers or specialists wanting to get started right, to populate their own FMEA. After, the webinar attendees will be given opportunity for free follow-up coaching, to help populate their FMEA 3X faster, while not missing any critical failure modes.

In the world of 2022 (new normal), where we are resigned to limited access, limited resources, limited experienced guidance and fewer live FMEA team meetings, see how these issues can be exacerbated. When FMEA activities are interrupted or delayed, the results leave us vulnerable to producing products and systems of poor quality, poor reliability, poor maintainability and more prone to safety hazards! Thus, products of limited value in the marketplace. This new method also helps attendees to address critical failure modes and provide proven and innovative mitigation tactics. Attendees gain necessary strategies to reverse the trend in poor FMEA effectiveness and efficiency.

If you are looking to complete your FMEA activities 3X faster, without missing any critical failure modes.

If you seek to avoid product warranty recalls and expensive safety lawsuits, as you improve your product’s value, to win in the marketplace, register today!

About your Instructor:

Howard Cooper is expert in: FMEA, Systems Reliability and Design for Reliability. He also developed PDD, Principle Driven Development tools to drive innovation (improved value) into systems integration and product development. He spent 12 years facilitating DfR and DFMEA, helping engineering teams at General Dynamics and General Electric to find innovative solutions to their seeming “unsolvable problems”, critical failure modes, safety hazards, etc.. He has coached manufacturers, design teams, hospitals, telecom centers, data centers, office complexes, oil companies, etc. to achieve increased reliability and uptime, resulting in their increasing profits. Mr. Cooper has been a speaker at annual conventions for: RAMS, NDIA, GVSETS, IMTBA, ASHE, ULPA, LPI, SME and INCOSE.

Cost:  $300 per person. If you have five or more from the same company the price is $270 per person

To purchase this webinar recording link contact with the link below or call 303 655 3051