About Gregg

Gregg K. Hobbs, Ph.D., a Registered Professional Engineer in California in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Control System Engineering, was the inventor of and world leader in the principles of HALT and HASS. He was a consulting engineer since 1978, specializing in the fields of stress screening, robust and flaw tolerant design, dynamic analysis, and testing. He has been employed as a consultant by many leading companies in the aerospace, commercial, military, and industrial fields and has taught all over the world.

He has introduced many new concepts, techniques, and equipment that have been proven by extensive use on many products, resulting in the savings of millions of dollars  He founded several companies:  Hobbs Engineering which has been doing seminars on Reliability improvement for over 35 years;  two manufacturing companies for HALT equipment, utilizing his 14 patents on accelerated testing equipment;  and two Test Labs for HALT and HASS testing.

Dr. Hobbs has written many important papers on accelerated techniques and has introduced a number of new concepts in various other technical fields. His book, HALT & HASS  – Accelerated Reliability Engineering  is available from Hobbs Engineering.

Gregg was admired and respected throughout the world.  As Bill Rollins (Raytheon Missile) said, “He encountered a lot of controversy within the environmental testing arena on his efforts to promote HALT, but he always was a bit of a Maverick.”   Now these techniques are being used in most industries all over the world.  “His contributions to the world of engineering are larger, I suspect, than even he realized” per Mike Daily (Sandia National Labs).

Gregg Hobbs passed away on July 7, 2010, at 71 years old.  The engineering world will miss this great man.   We hope that his legacy will live on forever.

Dr. Gregg Hobbs

Dr. Gregg Hobbs