Design and Analysis of Experiments

Instructor: Douglas Montgomery, Ph.D - 3 Day Seminar


1. What are designed experiments?

2. Why do experiments in the engineering world need to be “designed”?

3. Screening experiments versus optimization experiments

4. Strategy of experimentation

5. Factors and responses

6. Some simple examples and review of statistics fundamentals

7. Main effects and interactions

8. A process for successfully designing and conducting experiments

Factorial Experiments

· A simple 2-factor factorial (example)

· The general factorial experiment

· The 22 factorial

· Overview of the analysis procedure for a factorial

· The 23 factorial

· Replication of a factorial (why, how much)

· More than three factors, unreplicated 2k factorials

· Center points in 2k factorial designs

· Follow-up and confirmation experiments


Fractional Factorial Experiments

· The one-half fraction of the 2k design

· Smaller fractions

· Follow-up experiments

· Special types of fractional factorials

· Methods for constructing custom fractional designs


· Is there life after factor screening?

· Are we in the right operating region (and if not, now what)?

· Augmenting a 2k design to fit a second-order model

· Optimization of a second-order model

· Designs for fitting response surfaces


Dr. Douglas Montgomery is Regents’ Professor and the ASU Foundation Professor of Engineering, and a Member of the Committee on Statistics at Arizona State University. He held the John M. Fluke Distinguished Chair in Engineering, was the Director of Industrial Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. He was a Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He holds BSIE, MS and Ph.D. degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Professor Montgomery’s professional interests are in industrial statistics, including design of experiments, quality control, applications of linear models, and time series analysis and forecasting. He also has interests in operations research and statistical methods applied to modeling and analyzing manufacturing systems. He has lectured extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and the Far East.

Professor Montgomery is an author of thirteen textbooks that have appeared in over 35 English editions and numerous foreign languages, including Design and Analysis of Experiments, 7th edition (2009) and Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, 6th edition (2009). He has edited or coauthored seven other research books or edited volumes. His research papers have appeared in many journals.


Other Potential Topics

· Designs with random effects

· Nested designs


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